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Training of foreign students

A bit of history to the present day

Medical staff training at Perm State Medical University is an important indicator of how efficient the University is and as an investment in a long-term cooperation  with foreign specialists and organizations.

The Dean’s Office for foreign students (now called Department of Foreign Studies) was organized in 1992 when the University first joined a federal program focused on export of educational services. In the 1992/93 academic year, departments of general medicine and dentistry enrolled their first group of 35 foreign students from Syria, Morocco and some other countries. From 1992, the University is on the national registry of entities conducting export activities (record number ПР-II57/433).

Department of Foreign Studies coordinates University activities in training of medical specialists for future employment abroad. That includes: student recruitment, issuing of official student invitations, contract signing for educational services and all the follow-up, preparatory training, the issuing of graduation diplomas and their recognition at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation. We also take part in extracurricular activities and supervision at the dormitories to help solve any in class and out of class problems that PSMU foreign students may have.

In 1996 we offered a pre-medical program for foreign students. So far, 134 foreign students from 18 countries have successfully graduated from it. The pre-medical program includes courses in Russian as a foreign language, chemistry, physics, math, biology and some of the social sciences. A special diploma is awarded upon completing the prescribed course of study. The application deadline for the pre-medical program is September 15 of the current school year.

Another asset to the core curriculum was a launch of Department of Russian as a foreign language and Latin with terminology basics in 2006, to ensure sufficient linguistic training for foreign students during the course of their study. In 2012/13, Dr. Larisa A. Gasparian, the departmental chairperson, was instrumental in developing new educational standards for Russian as a foreign language for the first four years of medical school.

All PSMU foreign students enjoy an equal access to University library, sports hall and other facilities.

Upon graduation with a higher education diploma in medicine, foreign students have an option to pursue any of the post-graduate programs including internships and specialization (in Russian called: интернатура, аспирантура или ординатура). In 1996 the University graduated its first foreign student, Jayaraman Anand Babu from India, in general medicine. Between 1992-2014 the University trained 195 medical doctors for 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the CIS. Currently at PSMU there are approximately 1 700 foreign students pursuing various educational programs. The students come from Algeria, Belarus, Egypt, India, Kirgizia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Tunisia and the Ukraine. The PSMU draws on an extensive experience of developing study plans for foreign students as well as recruiting faculty and staff for innovative teaching methods.

In recent years the University experiences a growth in the numbers of foreign students from a greater number of countries and a heightened interest to major in all available programs.

In order to the receive an official student invitation from PSMU, please provide the following documents:*

  • an application to issue a student invitation 
  • a financial guarantee from parents or a sponsor to cover the cost of tuition, living and miscellaneous expenses for the full duration of the program
  • 2 readable copies of the national passport, including the page with an expiration date
  • 2 readable copies of the passport translation into Russian
  • a copy of a completed secondary education diploma
  • a translation of a secondary education diploma into Russian

Documents required to enroll in a pre-medical program and a freshman year:*

  • an original of a secondary education diploma (secondary school diploma, certificate or a bachelor’s degree diploma or other);
  • a notarized translation into Russian of the secondary education diploma;
  • a recognition certificate that the national diploma is equivalent to similar level of education in Russian Federation (only if required for your country of origin);
  • a national passport;
  • a notarized translation into Russian of the passport;
  • a recent physical examination report and its translation into Russian (if necessary, you can get a report from the PSMU clinic for a fee, request at Gagarina Blvd. 49 or call +7-342-233-23-36);
  • an HIV test and its translation into Russian (if necessary, you can get an HIV test done for a fee at various locations in Perm);
  • a voluntary policy for emergency medical coverage, valid for use in Russian Federation;
  • 8 color matte passport style photos 3x4cm (for admission documents);
  • an entry visa to Russian Federation (if required for your country of citizenship).

*Be advised, that PSMU Admissions may require additional paperwork. Please, check the complete Regulations for Admissions here.

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