Пермский государственный медицинский университет им. академика Е. А. Вагнера

International Admissions

For applicants for specialty programs in English (English medium)

Acceptance of applications and necessary documents in 2023 is carried out as follows:

1. personally at the admissions committee from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 13.00 at the address: Perm, Petropavlovskaya str., 27 – office № 21

2. submit your original documents (scan copies) through http://postupi.psma.ru;

3. submit your original documents through postal operators.

The reception of statements starts 01.09.2023

The reception of statements finishes 16.09.2023

Dates of entrance testing 16.10.2023-25.10.2023

The publication of competition lists 26.10.2023

The order of enrollment will be released 31.10.2023

The start of the academic year 01.11.2023

Submission of documents for admission to study under the educational programs of the residency in the 2023/2024 academic year via e-mail, fax is NOT PROVIDED.

When submitting documents through postal operators, we recommend you first clarify the work regulations of the postal operator (delivery time of the postal item to the addressee, the possibility of delivery on weekends, etc.), since an application should be received by the admissions committee (and not by the post office located in Perm) in deadlines strictly defined by the admission rules.

The address for submitting documents through postal operators is 614990, Perm, Petropavlovskaya str., 26 with a note for the “Admissions Committee”.

Attention! Documents sent to other addresses, as well as postal items with declared value and parcels are not received for consideration and are not accepted from post offices by the members of the admissions committee.

Acceptance of documents sent through postal operators ends on October 16, 2023, which is confirmed by the date of the postmark of the letter received at the post office (16.10.23).

The last seizure of letters from the post office is made by the admissions committee at 15.00 (local time) on October 17, 2023. Letters received later than the specified time and (or) date will not be accepted for consideration.

The application for admission must be made in accordance with the standard application form posted in the information materials on this portal.

The admission committee records and places on the portal for Applicants information about applications received by mail with a note on acceptance or refusal to accept documents (indicating the reason for refusal). The surnames of applicants whose documents were accepted and admitted to participate in the competition are placed in the corresponding name lists, you can find them in the section of the portal Name lists. The list of persons who were refused to accept documents with an indication of the reason for refusal is placed in the section “Documents by mail”.

Sending missing documents is NOT POSSIBLE.

List of documents:

  • completed Application for submission of document;
  • identity document, of an applicant, indicating citizenship - Passport;
  • notarized translation of the Passport;
  • legalized Document of Education with an appendix (certificate);
  • notarized translation of the Document on Education with an appendix (certificate);
  • Certificate of recognition of a document of education on the territory of the Russian Federation (if required);
  • a completed agreement for the provision of paid educational services in 2 copies

We kindly ask you NOT to send to the admissions committee documents which are not included in the list of necessary documents (characteristics, diplomas, commendations, certificates of additional education, portfolio, etc.). Documents, that are not included in the list required for submission to the admissions committee, are NOT SUBJECT to return through postal operators.

Certification of copies of documents is not required. All copies of documents must strictly correspond to the original document in size - reducing /enlarging the document when copying is not allowed. All the submitted copies must clearly and in full view all the records, seals and signatures made on the original of your document.

The Admissions Committee reserves the right not to accept documents sent by mail if they do not meet the requirements established by the Admission Rules and/or the inability to read the text of the document.

The applicant prints out the application on one A4 sheet on both sides and fills it with a helium pen with black ink in block letters. Corrections in the application, as well as the use of corrective fluid are unacceptable.

Files to download:

An Application Form for acceptance of documents

An Application Form for revocation of documents (if you don’t want to be enrolled)

An Agreement Form for the provision of paid educational services

Technical support email address: help-priem@psma.ru.

Consultations on admission to programs in English (English medium): dvoretskaya.ma@psma.ru


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